"If you like cars and in particular appreciate styling this 1971 Dodge Charger has to grab you"—at least that's what Car and Track host Bud Lindemann thought. The host was excited that "somebody finally had enough originality to build a car that doesn't look like it came off a GM drawing board". As this vintage road test footage proves, the 71 Charger wasn't just a looker—it had it all in the muscle department and was quite a performer on the track.

If you were willing to look over the dismal 8-10 MPG fuel economy and the whale of a price tag (over the $5000 mark) the 1971 Charger SE was quite a car. From it's 370 horsepower 440 V8 to it's on track handling characteristics, the Charger had it where it counted. On top of all that, the car was easy on the eyes, a fact Lindemann didn't mind mentioning several times. It was no Ferrari, but the 4000 pound Charger was "a better than average performer by far".


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