Illustration for article titled Clarkson Decides Not All American Cars Are Rubbish, Would Take Cadillac CTS-V Over BMW M5

We had some outrage from the readers when that Jeremy Clarkson fella (who recently crashed and is not at all dead) from across the water done made the Chrysler Sebring convertible one of them- whaddya call it- metaphors for the entire United States and dissed 'em both. Well, you disgruntled types can go ahead and regruntle yourselves, because now The Stig is shopping for a 4-door saloon and Clarkson thinks the Cadillac CTS-V looks like a helluva lot better deal than the BMW M5. His logic goes something like this: 1) The Cad is £19,000 cheaper than the M5, 2) The CTS-V is faster around the Nürburgring, and 3) The Stig won't worry about the insatiable thirst of the CTS-V, because he saved so much money buying it in the first place.
[Times Of London]


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