City Out Almost $44,000 After Cop Hits Carrera GT

A cop is probably pretty embarrassed and the city of Tucson, Arizona, is probably pretty pissed, after the city council was forced to shell out $43,799 after the cop rear-ended a Porsche Carrera GT. That is what we in the business call Holy Crap That's An Expensive Fender-Bender.

The 2004 Porsche Carrera GT was valued at $369,000, according to the Arizona Daily Star (though this one is being shopped around at $519,900), and just the taillight, exhaust pipe, and bumper were damaged.


And if you're wondering why just an exhaust pipe, a taillight, and a bumper cost $43,799 in repairs, consider that the exhaust pipe is made out of an extremely thin-walled alloy of steel and nickel, the bumper is made out of extremely pricey carbon fiber (which means it can't just be beaten back into shape or fixed with Bondo, it needs to be replaced), and the taillight is made out of verrrrry fancy taillight materials.

Alright, so the taillight is probably not the most expensive part. It's probably the bumper and the exhaust pipe.

But now also consider that a regular four-year service on a Porsche Carrera GT costs $8,000.


Yeah, everything with it is expensive.

It's not exactly clear what the cop was doing when he decided to hit the Porsche, but completely wild and inaccurate guesses go in the comments below.


I'll start: he was making a pizza.

Photo credit: Axion23

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