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The bill for the four-year service on a Porsche Carrera GT comes in at about $8,000. What do you get for the money?


The 4 year service schedule includes:

Diagnosis system: Read out fault memory
Change engine oil and oil filter
Change manual transmission oil and oil filter
Replace drive belt
Check valve clearance
Replace coolant regulator
Power-assisted steering: Check fluid level
Underside of vehicle and engine compartment: Visual inspection for leaks (oils and fluids)
and chafing (lines and hoses)
Underbody covers: Visual inspection for completeness, fastening and signs of damage
Coolant hoses: Check condition
Radiators and air inlets: Visual inspection for external debris and blockage
Coolant: Check level and antifreeze
Air cleaner housing: Visual inspection for contamination
Combination filter: Replace filter element
Fuel lines and connections: Visual inspection for damage and leaks
Wheel securing device: Check function
Wheel nuts: Visual inspection for wear
Parking brake: Check free play of the parking brake lever
Brake system: Visual inspection of the brake pads and brake discs for signs of wear
Brake hoses and lines: Visual inspection for damage, correct routing and corrosion
Brake fluid: Check level
Clutch: Check play or final position of pedal
Clutch plates: Check for signs of wear
Throttle actuation: Check smoothness of operation, full-throttle position with the tester
Steering gear: Visual inspection of the bellows for signs of damage
Tie rod ends: Check play and dust bellows
Axle joints: Check play; visual inspection of the dust bellows for signs of damage; check tightness of ball joints at the
front axle and screw connections on the suspensions at the front and rear
Drive shafts: Visual inspection of the boots for leaks and signs of damage
Exhaust system: Visual inspection for leaks and signs of damage, check mounts and heat shields
Vacuum units for exhaust flaps: Check function
Magnesium wheels: Visual inspection for damage
Tires: Check condition and tire pressure
Check door locks, lid locks and safety hook of the front lid to ensure that they are seated firmly and function properly
Roof panels: Check function
Rear wing drive: Check fluid level, operation and end position
Vehicle lights: Check operation
All headlights: Check setting
Horn: Check operation
Windshield wiper/washer, headlight washer: Check fluid level and nozzle settings,
make sure to check the antifreeze during winter months
Safety belts: Check operation and condition
Electrical equipment as well as indicator and warning lights: Check operation
During road or dynamometer test: Radio remote control, seats, brake pedal and parking brake
(also operating travel), engine, clutch, steering system, transmission, TC switch, rear wing, heating,
air-conditioning system and instruments: Check operation
Oils, fluids: Visual inspection for leaks
Replace tire sealant
Check batteries for tire pressure control system
Check airbag system
Mounts for assemblies: Visual inspection of all hydraulic mounts for damage

Replace spark plugs
Air cleaner: Replace filter element

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