Citroen GS 1220 Club

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After looking at that poor sad Peugeot in the junkyard yesterday, I decided that the '91 Peugeot 405 parked a few blocks from my house now qualifies for DOTS, 17 years old or not. I grabbed my camera and headed out on foot, taking my usual roundabout route in order to maximize discovery of new DOTSworthy machinery. Down a side street, I caught sight of some extremely French-looking taillights on a car parked in the distance. Could it possibly be... a Citroën? The DOTS Holy Grail? Yes!


Actually, the real DOTS Holy Grail would be a Wankel-powered Citroën (or, better still, my all-time favorite musclecar: the '69 SC/Rambler), but finding this thing really made my day. The Citroën GS was made from 1970 through 1986; I suspect this is a mid-to-late-70s car, but can't say for sure. It's still got European plates (and a California temporary registration sticker in the rear window), so most likely it's a recent immigrant and the owner is still battling the DMV to get it fully street-legal here. Never mind the weak dollar- if you need a Citroën straight from France, you pay what's necessary!

This car parks across the street from the '74 VW Thing we saw a couple weeks back, but I don't think they share an owner. A Thing/GS daily-driver combo would be a winner, though.


Does the GS have the famous Citroën hydropneumatic suspension? Of course it does; just because your car has a mere 1.2 liters under the hood doesn't mean you can't have a proper Citroën ride!