Chrysler Kills ENVI Electric Car Program, Shocks No One

Illustration for article titled Chrysler Kills ENVI Electric Car Program, Shocks No One

Remember the fake electric car program Chrysler showed off earlier this year in a transparent attempt to get bailout money? Fiat just canceled the entire ENVI program. So predictable. Frankly, we're more shocked Chrysler still exists.

This doesn't mean Chrysler isn't still working on electric cars, but as Kicking Tires points out, they're just not working on the three battery-electric vehicles — the ENVI program — they unveiled to great incredulity at this year's Detroit Auto Show are DOA. [Automotive News, Kicking Tires]

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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

Someone elses chassis + someone elses powertrain + Chrysler badges = How the hell would this have been profitable? There was no innovation here. It was cobbled together with existing technology that anyone could put together (and Tesla did it already). At the time it came out I was thinking it must be something to impress Congress to get the bail-out money. Now, I'm positive. #chryslerenvi