Chrysler Australia "Yes We Can" Sale Uses Obama Imitator To Sell "20-Inch Rims"

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Chrysler Australia's getting in trouble with their newest ad using an Obama-imitating voice-over to try and sell a Dodge Nitro. The ad campaign's name? The "Yes We Can" sale. Seriously.

It's not quite as bad as Chrysler Europe electrocuting a dog with a Dodge Nitro, but it's definitely not good. Australia's Chrysler sale is called the "Yes We Can" sale and it features an Obama-imitating voice-over shilling to potential buyers down under:

"When people ask, can we drive away in the luxury of a Chrysler 300C for under $50,000? I say, yes we can."

"Or how about this legendary Jeep Cherokee for less than $38,000? I say, yes we can."

"When people ask can we buy a Dodge Nitro with 20" rims for under $35,000? I say, yes we can."

"If you want change, see your Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealer today."


For starters, if you're buying a Chrysler 300C for "luxury" — you're probably making the wrong decision. Also, if you think the new Jeep Cherokee is "legendary" — you're also probably making the wrong decision. President Obama found both those things out the hard way. But come on Australia — 20" rims, Chrysler 300C? Can't you find your own zeitgeist to use to shill without stealing ours? Fercrissakes, we even stopped doing it. By "we," we mean advertisers — not necessarily us. Of course, we think that probably has more to do with Paul Hogan being like almost 70.


Oh yes, the ad campaign's also got a website. [via AdFreak]