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Dodge Nitro Kills Dog, Makes Us Cry A Little

We think we know where Dodge is going with this little commercial viral video we're assuming was made for the Euro market showing the Dodge Nitro electrocuting a dog that gets too close to those chrome rims. We think they're trying to separate themselves as the Chrysler Group's "boy brand." But our only issue is — should a brand all about the message of "Grab Life," be taking it away? Just askin'...and plus, isn't the dog getting it in the end kinda anticlimactic? We still cried a little, but you know, still?


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Wow, this offends me to no end. I can't BELIEVE they are promoting the idea of SUV's killing dogs. I know SUV's are evil creatures with a mind of their own that can't be stopped, but that doesn't mean I want to see one in the act of murder. That SUV should be executed.

Come on peoples, don't get you Vicks in a bunch. This is not animal cruelty, it's a harmless video making light of one of life's many annoyances. If it weren't for the current news headlines, nobody would give a flip.

I would like to know who made this video, just out of curiosity.