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Dodge "Grabs Life" By Going Bold And Killing Horns In New Ad Campaign

The horn-y brand has got a new owner and now they've got a newly shortened tagline. Dodge is going from "Grab life by the horns" to just simply "Grab life" and now they've got a new ad campaign to sell it. They've done it on the cheap though, snagging images from old commercials, tossed together with images of sporting Americana — Red Wings and Nascar. All of that's re-mixed with an amerigasm of what we'd describe as "freedom rock." I guess our only question after watching the new ad is — when did Dodge become the advertising amalgamation of Ford and Chevy. Or more appropriately, since when did Michael Bay start directing coffee achiever "Bold Moves" commercials for Dodge? All we know is that ain't creamer those kids are adding to their Dodge.

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Good ad. Here's how you can tell: it evokes an emotional response without attempting to sell the car solely on its merits. Merit-based advertising can work, too, but you'd better have one hell of a good product. People generally aren't logical enough to consider the merits before the emotional association. Think about it: how many of those people driving big trucks and SUVs actually USE them the way they were intended?