Illinois Woman Wants To Sell You Obama's 2000 Grand Cherokee

Illustration for article titled Illinois Woman Wants To Sell You Obamas 2000 Grand Cherokee

Liz Murphy of Naperville, Illinois discovered while signing papers on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that the vehicle had been owned by then state senator Barack Obama. Local paper The Naperville Sun reports that Murphy was happy to discover her Jeep had been celebrity-owned, but now that Obama has a chance at the White House, she's hoping to cash in a little. Murphy plans to sell the Grand Cherokee after the November elections with an eye toward getting at least above the average trade-in value. She also reports that Obama's firm handshake is evidenced on the interior of the Jeep, as a left-hand mark is imprinted on the steering wheel. Says Murphy, "Every once in a while I'll run my hands over the top of the steering wheel and say, 'Wow, this guy had a grip.'" While we're optimistic, the jury is still out. []


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Charles_Barrett - Now with Variable-Valve Timing

Her dilemma: Sell before 4 Nov. while the hype is hot, or wait to see if he wins and sell a used car once owned by the new Prez (I mean, what premiums do McGovern's or Dukakis' old cars demand...?) History is littered with very faint memories of unsuccessful candidates (Nobel/Oscar-winning ones excepted, perhaps).