Chinese Knockoff Batmobile Is Just $11,207, Some Assembly Required

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26-year-old Li Weilei and friends have built a full-scale Tumbler Batmobile replica out of scrap metal at a warehouse in Shanghai. Doesn't look quite as off-road ready as the new batmobile, but apparently it was built for about 11 grand. Oh, and it can't actually move under its own power.


Check out the video walkaround right here.

The GB Times says it took Weilei and associates some two months to build the Tumbler from two tons of scrap, but the vehicle essentially a model with no running gear.


I guess Weilei is in the movie-prop making business, and rents this Tumbler out to local businesses for promos and events.

Hat tip to AutoBlog.NL!

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David muscleguy

i fucking hate china i mean really anyone with some imagination can make a great Car from his dreams! do Chinese don't dream?? maybe they need to sleep a little bit so they can more innovative.