The New Batmobile Looks Like A Giant Rally Fighter

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Two weeks ago we saw the first picture of Sad Ben Affleck Batman standing next to his fancy new Batmobile. Since then, a new photo has surfaced that purportedly shows the car from 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And it looks like a gigantic Rally Fighter!


The original source on this image isn't clear, but it's been making the rounds on websites like Carscoops and (I love that there's a website dedicated entirely to Batman-related news. Maybe that should be a Jalopnik sub-blog. Probably not.)

Anyway, the image gives us a clearer look at the front end of the new car, including its long and angular nose. But I'm more drawn to the huge tires situated way outside the body of the car and what appears to be a pretty sizable amount of suspension travel.

The overall stance and shape reminds me of the Local Motors Rally Fighter, that open-sourced Frankenstein monster of an off-roader. The new Batmobile looks like it's built to go anywhere and take some mad jumps if it has to. It's also decidedly less tank-like than the Tumbler of the Christopher Nolan movies.

Hopefully Truck Yeah! can get some seat time in this thing, preferably out in a desert somewhere. How do we sign up for that? Do we have to shine a signal into the sky, or will an email do the trick?

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