Chinese Government Uses Scary Crash GIFs To Demonstrate Road Hazards

The Pudong Highway Patrol of Shanghai broke the news of a one-vehicle accident along with a series of instructional image macros on its blog as a GIF. This is road safety for the modern internet.

The .gif shows a car driving down the Shanghai highway, striking some piece of metal debris, and crashing into the gaurdrail, another vehicle, and then a second guardrail. The crash could easily have been fatal.


Beijing Cream translated the Pudong Highway Patrol's press release, which itself had been turned into video form with sound effects by a popular TV show "Society of Transparency." They don't say if the driver in the crash survived, but they do have that adorable picture of dogs demonstrating ABS on the beach.

We can't think of any similar road safety news that has been released in .gif form, but with explanations on how to act in a crash and how to maintain your tires, it's actually quite informative. It's only a matter of time before the DOT starts issuing announcements with LOLcats and Dolan becomes the next Ray LaHood.


More horrifying .gifs from the Pudong Highway Patrol such as "Slumber", "Rain umbrella", and the crash-filled "Dependable mentality", can be found here.

(Hat tip to Anthony!)

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