Transportation Secretary Doesn’t Know What Distracted Driving Is

Ray LaHood, the US Secretary of Transportation, is on a personal crusade to rid the country of distracted driving. It would be important for him to know what distracted driving actually is, but a new interview with Washington DC's WTOP radio station shows he has no idea what he's doing.


LaHood declared,

I drive around on the weekends in Washington…What I've been doing is kind of honking at somebody if I see him on a cellphone.

LaHood says he is "taking personal responsibility," but laying on the horn at other drivers is just adding distraction to already distracted drivers. Not to mention, LaHood should be staring at the road and not other drivers. It appears we have a crazy person in charge of regulating how you drive. (Hat tip to Reason/Mike Riggs!)

Photo Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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