Carjacked Lamborghini Ends Car Chase By Setting Itself On Fire

Image from Texas Dept of Transportation
Image from Texas Dept of Transportation

The wild Lamborghini in its natural habitat is a spectacular and majestic beast. When threatened, though, it can be quite dangerous, often resorting to the traditional Italian Supercar defense of catching on fire. That’s what happened yesterday in Dallas, when a carjacked Lambo burst into flames during a police chase.


About 7:45 am on Sunday two men, William Caston, 18, and Dez Bell, 19, attacked a valet at the Omni Dallas Hotel and stole the Lamborghini. The Dallas Police Department helicopter, Dallas Air 1, spotted the car, and police pursued on the road.

When the Lambo approached the intersection of Interstate 20 and Interstate 45, the supercar’s stress levels must have reached the self-defense ignition point, and the Lambo caught on fire, forcing the car to stop and resulting in the arrest of the thieves.


Stick to stealing Camrys, dummies. They’re natural defense is just being Camrys.

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Ha! Mugshots are classic. One dude clearly thinking, “man, this sucks,” while the other is all, “whoa, our Lambo caught fire!”