Car Thief Can't Drive Stick, Doesn't Steal Car

Photo: KMOV
Photo: KMOV

A man in St. Louis, Missouri was held up at gunpoint by the worst car thief in history: one who can’t drive a manual transmission, KMOV reports. When will these thieves learn? (hopefully never).

The news site reports that as soon as Dustin French parked near his house in St. Louis last Thursday at about 11 p.m., he noticed a suspicious car behind him. He told KMOV:

A car came up right behind sort of half parallel parked behind me. A passenger got out with a firearm, told me to get out of my car and empty my pockets.


French whipped out the keys to his manual Nissan Altima and asked the thief “What do I do now?” to which French says the thief told him to “get up and walk away. Face away and keep walking.”

KMOV says French, who got away unscathed, thinks the gunman, who police say was late teens or early 20's, didn’t steal his car because it was a stick.”

Police said the gunman’s car was a silver Honda Accord, a vehicle which was almost certainly also stolen. (Because all Honda Accords are stolen).


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