As if it's hard enough to get a good deal when buying a new truck, imagine if you're mentally ill. Then imagine that you let on that you're not well and have tons of money in cash at home. What happens next is the sales team at Douchebag Brothers Autos first goes to your house and steals about $70,000, then takes $30,000 for the truck and then, when you're committed to a mental hospital, takes the truck and puts it in their name. At least, that's what Paul Rimbley is convicted of doing.

Though he claims he was just helping the guy out, the jury didn't buy the story and sentenced the guy to nine months in jail. A fairly light sentence considering. Rimbley claimed he had "a great reputation in the car business" and was "the kind of guy who would help anybody." Sadly, we believe that first part may be true. [Seat Post-Intelligencer]