Car-Making Robot Arm Does Tattoos Now

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One extremely confident French researcher successfully programmed an industrial robot arm—the kind of things that usually put cars together—to give him a tattoo.


Well, it wasn’t just one researcher who did the work, just one guy who put himself under the knife, so to speak.

This is all the work of Pierre Emm and Johan da Silveira, partnered with industrial software/robotics company Autodesk, as The Verge reports. The challenge, it appears, was getting the robot to understand the non-flat surfaces of the human body. A 3D scan seemed to work out just fine, but you can tell how still the subjected leg had to be for this all to not turn grim.

You can watch the whole nerve-wracking step into the future in this video:

Finally, a workable retirement plan for today’s automaking robots. Maybe now car companies like GM won’t talk about these things killing themselves.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


Future next gen S2000 owner

Autodesk can get a freaking industrial robot to do a continuous looping tattoo on guys legs but they can’t make Inventor put a bolted connection on a round surface. Because nooooo, why would you ever bolt a surface in real life that isn’t a perfect plane. Un-freaking-believable.