Car and Track luxury car review has several tons of prestige

In this vintage Car and Track segment host Bud Lindemann steps away from the test track to preview what was new in the luxury world for 1969. Taking a break from shining the spotlight on supercars, Lindemann takes a look at the roadibility of the "Luxury big three".


The first thing you notice watching this vintage luxury car profile is how huge all of the cars were. Lindemann points out the new Imperial was heavier, bigger and longer for 1969, three qualities we sincerely doubt the 1968 Imperial was lacking.

It wasn't just the Imperial though, the Lincoln and Cadillac offerings were also well into gas guzzling land yacht territory. When Bud Lindemann called 1969 "a bigger year than ever for the poshmobiles" he certainly meant it.

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Now THESE were proper luxury cars!! These were big and beautiful, with enough engine to move all that metal pretty damn quickly by that era's standards and enough hood and smooth enough ride that you could hit a medium-sized child and never know it. You wouldn't see the kid over the hood and you wouldn't feel it under the wheels. AND, if you could afford one of those cars, you had enough money that you wouldn't care about hitting the kid anyway. These cars hail from an era when, if you could afford a Lincoln or a Caddy or an Imperial, your life simply was more valuable than the poor schlep that could only afford a small Chevy (and I mean that quite literally, as well, as the amount of metal between you and the next guy was the only safety feature).

Now, what do we have in their stead? A gaudy misshapen... thing... that tried to make a shield and laurels look streamlined, a fat ugly Taurus with hopes that it won't be chosen last for dodgeball, and the 300, which is nice enough but doesn't seem to make it into luxury territory.

My god, what has become of us? And what does it say about the state of the luxury market when my luxury cruiser of choice was made in 1978 (Continental Town Coupe)?