Buy Your Own Authentic European Vanity Tag

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A young chap is selling completely authentic European customized license plates. You can get any combination you like pressed into the plate of your country of choice — and even add authentic registration stickers. We'd probably avoid purchasing one if you do actually live in a European country, since it's completely illegal. Even the product description seems a bit shady, involving the store owner "knowing a guy."

Well I know this guy that has this plate making machine, uses original plates, has authentic registration stickers, and with one phone call can make up a few for you!


Each license plate is available for $40, and you can even purchase a mounting bracket to slap it on your vehicle. The available countries include Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. [Product Page via BoJ]

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Those are hardly authentic. The dies used are similar to the German and look sort of authentic, but the seals on them are über bogus.

You can get a free sample plate from the Swedish equivalent of the DMV for the cost of a letter. Perfect for the front of any Saab or Volvo in a one plate state!

Note the real plate (in this case the free sample I got) has a serial number stamped into it as well as an "insure image" with the name and logo of Vägverket (the Swedish DMV):

You can get a properly made up set of UK plates from a few UK companies (they get away with it since they are selling "signs for export") which have the proper standard MOT approved typefaces. Probably the most reasonable is Framptons

Here is an actual plate (rear) from Northern Ireland that is oddly in the standard US size:

I have three European plates in my collection and all three cost way less than $40 plus shipping.

Anyway, anyone who puts the personalized fake European plate on the front of their vehicle just makes themselves look like an asshat.