Buy Your Civic Hybrid Today: Tax Credit Halves Tomorrow

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The Honda Civic hybrid is the latest victim of the hybrid tax break exemption. Beginning on July 1, the tax credit for owning a Honda Civic hybrid will be sliced in half, from $1,050 to $525, on its way down to zero. If you recall, owners of hybrid vehicles are only eligible for the full tax credit until the manufacturer sells 60,000 units of that particular hybrid vehicle. Then a phase-out process begins, eventually reducing the credit to nothing except that warm glow you get from the batteries exploding saving the planet.

If you're looking to get the most bang for your hybrid buck, it's best to avoid the Honda Civic hybrid, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry hybrid—the tax credit on the latter two have already been reduced to zero. There's a good number of eligible hybrids, but at the rate people are snatching up these vehicles, don't expect the full tax credit to last. [LA Times]


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@SRekauqh: Truth is, nobody cares.

So the extent to which the issue has been dominating the media for the last year would tend to indicate otherwise.

When I made the purchase in 06 it was based on a couple considerations...

Changing jobs meant I was going to drive a lot more.

Old primary car was getting about 23 city and not likely to be terribly comfortable for this kind of driving.

I wanted something that was less of a polluter (than my 94 subaru).

I finally gave up looking at various models and just set an obvious filter. I'd only consider it if it got 40MPG. That made the decision much simpler because it left me with two vehicles to chose from in the 06/07 model year.

would I have liked more options (like a diesel for example)?


would I have been happy to pay more?


I'd probably have gone with a prius except the waiting list was too long, and oddly enough for someone who reads this blog, I didn't like they way it handles.

So here's the issue with the civic...

It's too big (it's a midsized car these days), compare with say 88 civic hatch.

It's too heavy (2800 pounds) some of that's safety features and frankly they can stay

It doesn't have enough options (floor mats fog lights and mudgards), interior options are beige and, blue and beige.

It doesn't have a higher trimline

The hybrid assist is more mild than the prius...

not enough power from the electric

engine stays on whenever vehicle is rolling

the batteries are too small.

there's no 5 door hatchback model.

it is not our e36 3series coupe.