Bullitt: Stuck in Traffic Edition

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Look closely at the turned aluminum 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt dash accent and observe that we are stuck in traffic. We called Delgetti to see if he could clear it up and cover the exits. Until then we fired up the sweet talking onboard navigation to guide us. 25 miles to go.


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@Torque: For serious. I think I'd rather sit on a bus and read Bukowski, sipping from a quart of hooch than sit in traffic surrounded by plastic and getting nauseous from New Ford Smell. Sitting in traffic in that thing has got to suck. You only get the bad and none of the awesome. Well, you could get out and ogle the thing while it's just sitting there. They are rather pretty.

Gotta hand it to you, Los Jalops, of course. You've gone from giving us a dealer pamphlet this morning to riding around in it and posting at the same time in the course of a day. Nice follow-through.