Buckingham Palace Needs A New Chauffeur

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The British monarchy has put up a job listing for a new chauffeur. All you need is a full UK driving license!

Yes, the only requirements for driving around the Royal Family and their guests are that you:

- have a full UK driving licence;
- have the ability to work effectively within a small team;
- have good administration skills, with experience of using email;
- have clear communication skills with an ability to deploy tact and diplomacy when necessary; and
- be motivated and committed to maintaining high standards.

- Professional driving experience would be an advantage.

All you have to do is drive around and look after their vehicles. Starting salary is £23,000 ($36,100) and you work 48 hours a week. There is available accommodation and the location is Buckingham Palace, so if you dream of someday sleeping amongst the UK's inbred fairytale royalty types, this is the job for you.


We'd apply just for the chance to see the Queen's corgis.

(Hat tip to nobody backflips jetpacks!)

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For Sweden

Wait, £23,000 for the Sovereign's chauffeur? Austerity has hit the Realm hard.