British Enzo Bent...By A Bus?!?

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We're stunned to have just heard the Daily Mail's reporting that we lost another Ferrari Enzo...nine months ago. Where the hell were we? How did we not know about this? The, the humanity! Apparently a Brit businessman and property tycoon named Frank Mountain alleged a single-decker bus was being

"driven too fast when it rounded a bend on the wrong side of the road and smashed into the £600,000 supercar."


But wait, that's not is want to happen in cases of supercars on rough roads, being driven like an arse and road rallyes, the

"hand-built Ferrari, only 399 of which have been built, then careered into a Volkswagen Golf."


Yet again, these Golf's need to stop getting in the way of out-of-control supercars, whether piloted or not. Whether in Macedonia or the Queen's realm — can't they see the problems they're causing? Luckily...

...the Enzo wasn't bent beyond repair. It was nothing a little bondo, £300,000 and transportation to the Modena factory in Italy couldn't fix.

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OK, so £300,000 is a decent price to pay for a fix-up — although we're assuming he'd have been smart enough to insure his prized vehicle. Maybe he was just a wee bit underinsured or maybe the deductible was like £100,000 or something. Either way, Frankie's now going after the city, the bus driver and anyone else he can find to pick up the tab. Good luck to ya Frankie, but let this be a public service announcement to the rest of you left out there with an Enzo — do not leave your million-dollar-plus supercar parked on the side of the road! To the rest of you out there without your own Enzo to look after, you can do your part here.


Businessman sues bus company after £300,000 prang with his beloved Ferrari [Daily Mail]

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