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Gumballers Nick Morley And Matthew McConville Arrested After Hit-And-Run Fatality

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We've been covering the Gumball 3000 up to this point with good cheer, and we'd hoped it would stay that way. Unfortunately, sometimes when you mix high-powered vehicles with the double dose of stupid — adrenalin and lack of sleep — bad things can happen. Like what appears to have happened with Nick Morley and Matthew McConville who according to a report from


...have been arrested in Macedonia after an alleged hit and run incident which left one man dead and his wife fighting for her life.

The 67-year-old died on his way to hospital and his wife was in a critical condition after a Porsche taking part in the super car race crossed the road at speed and ploughed into their VW Golf...

...The drivers of the Porsche 911 Turbo Techart which Macedonian TV station A1 named as Nick Morley and Matthew McConville, allegedly got out of their crashed car and ran off.

The station said they later climbed into another car, a BMW, and tried to leave the country.

But eye witnesses alerted police and the pair were arrested at the border.

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UPDATE: Gumball 3000 Race Organizers Attempting To Cover Up Hit-And-Run Death


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Nothing more to add, I think you guys have covered it. I doubt there are going to be Gumball fans thinking "oh man, this is SOO COOL!" The consensus is right: these guys are douchebags, and no rich daddy/corporate sponsor/recording deal/mass marketing orgy is going to bail their ungrateful asses out now.

Let's see how they explain it to the victim's families..."oh yeah, we're part of a bunch of rich guys driving across country really fasy in expensive cars for no particular reason. Err...sorry 'bout that?"