Breaking! Anna Nicole Smith News Tangentially Involving Cars!

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According to the celeb-watchers at TMZ, John "Texas" O'Quinn, the lawyer for Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, collapsed in court just under an hour ago. TMZ says,

"It was unclear what the status of his health was, but a witness provided a Luna bar for relief, as the judge clamored for orange juice."

So what the heck does this have to do with cars? Glad you asked — you see, in addition to being a star leg-humping lawyer fancy-pants attorney in Texas (yes, that's why his nickname is what it is), O'Quinn's also a colorful cinema and celeb car collector, counting among his collection the Batmobile from "Batman Forever" and Pope John Paul II's Ford Escort. According to Wikipedia, that's only part of it:

"O'Quinn also maintains an extensive collection of collector cars with a total value of over $100 million. In October 2005, he bought Pope John Paul II's 1975 Ford Escort GL ( 690,000). In September 2006, he bought a 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo covered with 33 celebrity autographs ($500,000), the Batmobile used in the filming of Batman Forever ($335,000), a 1941 Packard limousine used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt ($290,000) and a 1938 Cadillac Town Car used by Pope Pius XII ($250,000)."


Ok, so it ain't much — but we're always looking to remind you of how cars affect our every day lives — even the silly ones.

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Wow. I guess both his clients AND his taste in cars are tacky.