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How'd She Get The SLR Back? The Paris Hilton And Friends Post-DUI Video

We were always under the impression that if you get a DUI, your car gets impounded — even if you're Paris Hilton. We dunno if there's a clause in the law for celebs like Paris — or maybe the law is if you're found guilty — regardless, we don't remember what happened last time. We kid. Either way, we didn't think you could just get someone to pick you up in your own car after you post bail, which is what seems to be happening with celeb-whore Paris Hilton. Is this video proof of another case of the LAPD showing some leniency to a celeb? And who the hell is giggling on the video during the first few seconds of the tape? And most importantly, how does Paris' spokes-whore Elliot Mintz look so calm at 4:00 AM — is it valium, or something more? Whatevs — we're getting bored of the whole story — so can't someone smack up the McLaren or tell Paris to get her freak on? Let's make this salacious, people! [Hat tip to tr!]


UPDATE: Yeah, it's not the SLR — however, then the question is — what happened to it?

Paris Hilton tape []

The Benz Is The Problem: More On The Paris Hilton DUI [internal]

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Nothing makes your blood boil in the morning like seeing that smirking dizzy broad. I *just* saw the report on CNN and she was so self-absorbed she could not hang up her cell phone despite the cadre of video and still cameras surrounding her. I'd rather see the report on the World's Largest Pancake in North Dakota, thanks.