Driving Under The Influence Of Meat: Tracy Morgan Gets A (Second) DUI

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The star-hounds at TMZ have learned that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan was busted for drunk driving at around 4:00 AM today in Manhattan after NY's finest noticed he was driving erratically. According to the 5-0, Morgan "was unable to maintain a position in a lane of traffic." Yeah, that's a pretty good sign you've either been drinking or you're frightened of imaginary bees in your car. In this case, it apparently was liquor. Now normally, after you get that first DUI — you generally want to stay away from situations where you'll get a second one — especially when you're on probation after your first one. This second offense, according to TMZ, is probably going to merit him some tough love from both the LA and New York DA's office because the former SNL comedian known for dressing up like Oprah (not necessarily for acting like her) was already on probation from his first LA-based conviction — so one assumes he's now going to be in some serious trouble when they get done processing him over this second one.


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sock puppeteer

It's a good thing he's not on "Lost"!

Otherwise JJ Abrams would have his character killed off in the next show!