Brand New Ferrari F12 Smashed To Pieces In Dubai

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Covered in sand awaiting its fate in a junkyard in Sharjah, north of Dubai, is this nero pastello Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Did you say too much power, Mr. Clarkson?


With 60 miles on its clock, this is probably the saddest F12 crash so far. That glorious 6.3-litre V12 certainly deserved better. The good news is that at least the front looks mostly intact, so there's a chance that this F12 will resurrect, although since we're talking about the United Arab Emirates, it's also possible that the owner will simply let it rot.


I mean, a new one only costs $353,934 over there...

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For all the flack the Fast and Loud guys got for tweaking their rebuild of the F40 that was wrecked I feel like they legit resurrected something destined for the junkyard. And it was wrecked far worse than this one is. It only took a couple hundred grand in parts and labor... and the end result did look fantastic.