The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Shows Us Why Louder Is Always Better

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How do you make a car like the Ferrari F12berlinetta, whose V12 engine has 730 horsepower, even better? If you ask me, you do it by making it louder. Anything and everything is better when it's louder.

I fully subscribe to the Abarth School of Aural Awesomeness, a philosophy which holds that enhancing a car's engine and exhaust notes almost always makes it more worthwhile to drive. If you need proof, check out this video from our old pal Marchettino at a recent track event with two F12s — a stock yellow one and a red one with a custom exhaust tune from Novitec Rosso.


They both sound amazing, but the extra depth and growl on the modified exhaust is undeniable. The popping sound when the red one goes down through the gears is so intoxicating it should be classified as a controlled substance.


Also, note the unfortunate spinout by the black 308 about a minute in. Maybe he was trying too hard to punch above his weight class.


Hat tip to Carscoops!