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This Ferrari F12 crash happened on the supposed temple of high speed public roads driving, Germany's Autobahn.

Regional German news site reports that the crash on Saturday started when an overtaking maneuver when a car ahead did not see the speeding Ferrari behind. The F12 driver slammed on the brakes, lost control, and then crashed into a guardrail. Amazingly no one was hurt and nothing caught on fire.


The 730 horsepower Ferrari was just three weeks old.

You can see the rest of the pictures of the crash on

UPDATE: We erroneously reported that this Autobahn crash was the first wreck of a Ferrari F12 in private hands. It appears that this very destructive wreck in the Middle East last week was indeed the first crash, not counting this fender bender in China in January.


(Hat tip to Automatch and Zero 2 Turbo!)


Photo Credit: News5/Grundmann

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