Imagine a four-liter normally aspirated V8 that makes 1,000 horsepower and gets good mileage? According to the Italian NEVIS (New Exhaust Valve & Intake System) Engine Company LTD., this sort of engine will soon be a reality. Complete with innovations such as donut-shaped pistons, the ability to run on any fuel you like (gasoline, diesel, bio, meth, hydrogen) and the Trekkie sounding Bortone Cycle, NEVIS's product should extend the life of the ICE for many decades to come. The killer app is the already mentioned Bortone Cycle that allows a power stroke for every 120 degrees of crankshaft rotation. Which means that for every power stroke your dirty old four-stroke pulls off, the NEVIS engine is performing six. Which we must say is pretty intriguing. Especially the part about the variable compression ratio going as high as 38:1.

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