New Duesenburg Torpedo Coupe Could Launch in 2007

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A radical new Duesenberg — that symbol of ultraluxury motoring of the 1920s — could hit the market as early as January 2007. The Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe — a design by Jeff Teague, whose credits include models by Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Ford — will reportedly ride on the Mercedes CLS 500 platform and will be powered by a new, air-cooled and supercharged powerplant that the company says will get 70 mpg and 300 horsepower from a "100 pound package measuring 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length, which will provide an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio." No word on price, but expect the thing to cost robber-baron money. [Thanks to Tim for the tip.]

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