Honda Hydrogen FCX Coming in 2008!

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We told you about Honda's impending FCX Concept by at the Los Angeles Auto Show and how they wanted to start selling it here by 2008. Well guess what? They weren't fooling. The new and improved Hindenburg hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be hitting both our shores and Japan in 2008. Where do you get the hydrogen? That's the beauty part – anywhere. Ben Knight, Honda's vice president of research in the Americas says that hydrogen can, "be derived from a broad range of sources, including methane or natural gas, bio-mass and renewable sources like solar or wind." They're also toying with a home hydrogen energy generation station that runs off natural gas. Just plumb it into the same line as the Bar-B-Q. Which would be pretty cool. But forget the fact that the new CXF "Concept" has a 270-mile range and can hit 100 mph, the real story is what Steve Ellis, Honda's manager of fuel cell vehicle marketing said;

We're calling this the 'FCX Concept' but I can assure you it is not just some far out, pie-in-the-sky exercise in what may or may not come to fruition some day in the distant future. It will be positioned as the ultimate environmental badge of honor for our customers.

Sounds like maybe the number two super best automaker from the land of the rising sun's coming for the number one super best...and maybe the cache of their little Prius, too.

Honda has new fuel cell vehicle [The Detroit News]


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Hydrogen cars are gimmick. We would be wasting more resources in producing hydrogen fuel than if we stick to fossil fuels. It will go from resource to electricity to hydrogen fuel then to electricity again to drive the engine. You're guaranteed to lose efficiency in every step. With fossil fuels, you go from fossil fuel to refined petro to drive the engine. Lesser steps than hydrogen. Here's an even better idea. Resource to electricity to drive the engine. But of course, you'll always hear people complain about low tech batteries, short range, slow recharge rate, too expensive. All are petty arguments.

1. Battery technology is here and it's called Lithium Ion. Next up would be nanotube supercapacitor hybrid with conventional battery for even more capacity, power, and high recharge rate.

2. Seriously, what's the average distance an commuter travels in a day? 30 miles? And people are shooting for over 200?

3. Does it matter to you how long it takes to recharge a battery while you're sleeping at night? Compare that to the fact that when you're refueling gas, you have to go out of your way in a day to go to the gas station.

4. Too expensive? Well let me see. Every once in a while, I would have to change the oil and oil filter. Then you also have to replace air filters, fuel filter, transmission fluids, flush the radiator, sparkplugs, water pumps, O2 sensor, catalytic converter, engine belts.. I could go on and on and on. With electric cars, you have battery, controller, motor, regenerative braking system.. Please, I invite anyone to add to the list.