LA Auto Show Still Breaking: Honda Reinvents the Hindenburg; FCX Concept Becomes Reality in 2008

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Honda may in fact be just as highly precise as the boys from Stuttgart, but they don't brag about it. Instead, they flaunt their massive levels of high-efficiency. So highly efficient in fact, that North American Senior Veep John Mendel mentioned it four times. Which isn't very efficient. Luckily for the "energy diversity" crowd out there, the FCX Concept is. Featuring a fuel cell stack that is 20% smaller, 30% lighter yet 14kW more Bruce than the current Honda hydrogen stack. And no, we have no clue what a kW is either. Though total output is rated at 127hp. Most coolest is that the FCX has an auxiliary "high-efficiency" lithium ion battery, which when combined with the smaller, buffer stack equals maximum hydrogen hoonage potential.


Honda to Produce Next-Gen FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle [Internal]

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