When you film yourself doing ridiculous things in your car we call it Hoon of the Day. When you film yourself driving a customer's BMW 1M, prosecutors call it a crime. Least. Joyful. Joyride. Ever.


This story goes back August, when someone noticed a YouTube video starring a factory fresh BMW 1M being inexpertly hooned around the streets of Glendale, California. A little detective work and BMW forumites determined the car was from Pacific BMW — the same BMW dealership that put a $40K premium on the first 1M.

Eventually, the two employees were fired after the manager was notified of the incident, but not before they sold the car to someone without telling them about the joyride. We suspect the car was returned and re-listed, but Pacific BMW isn't saying.

Now prosecutors in Los Angele County are pressing charges against the two dealership employees, who have been identified as 21-year-old Vacheh Margoussian and 22-year-old Artin Yajidjian. Both were slapped with a misdemeanor for taking the car without permission and Margouissian, the driver, gets a reckless driving charge tacked on.


Two kids in their early 20s with an iPhone and a high-powered BMW? Of course this story was going to end with prosecution.

(Hat tip to Jorge!)

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