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BMW dealer puts $40,000 markup on 1M coupe

Illustration for article titled BMW dealer puts $40,000 markup on 1M coupe

The BMW 1M has softened the hardened arteries of auto reviewers around the world, from Jeremy Clarkson to our own Mike Spinelli. One California BMW dealer hopes to capitalize on high praise and low supply with an insane $40,000 markup.

Pacific BMW in Glendale, Calif., resides at the epicenter of BMW ownership in the United States, and likely knows that the demand for the littlest M will far surpass the 800 the Bavarians plan to import, even at a sticker price of about $54,000.

Illustration for article titled BMW dealer puts $40,000 markup on 1M coupe

Dealers are free to price vehicles however they wish, regardless of how the automaker might feel towards customers getting gouged, and it's common for hot models to get some kind of markup couched as a "market adjustment fee." What's noteworthy here is the straightforward approach by Pacific caught by one shopper: Just a plain old "dealer markup." Yup, we want $40,000 more than sticker. If that's not to your liking, you can go kiting.


Or hop over to Beverly Hills BMW, which is about six miles away, and according to is selling one at sticker price. Only in rare BMW sports coupes does the road to savings lead to Beverly Hills.

Hat tip to Edwin!

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Wow, A BMW dealer in GLENDALE California trying to take advantage of the local population's excess cash, general stupidity about cars, and slobbering devotion to BMWs(Especially black ones with giant chrome wheels). Lets just say that dealer and its customers are a match made in heaven.