We just got a tip from our guy Skiny (above), idea man and Audi Avant road-rallyist. His latest project involves a ragtag group of diesel engineers, celebrities and related cohorts. Their mission is to field a 100% biodiesel team to run the Tecate Baja 1000 in November. Heavyweights Bosch and Gale Banks Engineering are reportedly on board to work up three stock truggies (those are the half truck, half dune buggies Baja types use for their intradesert runs). And there's talk of biodiesel proponent and driver of a veggie El Camino Daryl Hannah, and Hayden "That Anakin Guy" Christensen, being involved in some capacity. More details to come when Skiny decides to spill the whole thing. No word on whether the bio juice will come from corn or cactus hooch.

Mach Freunden Mit Dein Schnell: A Post to Pacify Wert; Daryl Hannah and Her Biodiesel Camino! [internal]


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