Daryl Hannah and Her Biodiesel Camino!

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Henry Rollins once had a spiel from the late '80s on how he puts Daryl Hannah's name on the list for all of his gigs, hoping that she'll walk by and say something to the effect of, "Wow! Henry Rollins! That sounds wild! I'm gonna check that out." And while, as revealed in today's podcast, 3/4 of the current operating staff aren't supposed to rock the leche con carne (although at least one has a penchant for cheeseburgers), the other 1/4 has been a vegetarian for the last eleven years. He also owns the most inefficient car of the bunch. And of course, he's the one who used to drive his El Camino down El Camino Avenue to El Camino High.

So while we've known about Daryl Hannah's matte-black grease-fueled G-Body for quite some time, the amount of mail we received regarding a recent article on it in the SF Chronicle has finally prompted us to post on it, as did the provocative footage of Hannah licking the gas cap. Licking a gas cap! How delicious is that? And after watching the footage on her vlog, all we really wanna know is this: Daryl, do you like younger men obsessed with making silly punk references at work? If so, start cruising Pacific in San Pedro. We want a ride in your ElCo. Oh, and Roxanne is one of our favorite movies ever. We're gonna go cue up "Cyrano de Berger's Back" by X. Okay, mash note over. [Thanks to all who tipped.]


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