Mach Freunden Mit Dein Schnell: A Post to Pacify Wert

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We're not sure if TeeVee Wert really wanted to go on the Bullrun, as he made some namby-pamby excuse about being stuck at some Ferrari party because he needed to impress some girl and dragged Austin with him, thus leaving the fully-awesome Skiny without Jalopnik pals to hang out with in Detroit (note to people in general — you're missing out on radness if you don't hang with Skiny, he's probably nicer than you, we're willing to bet he's faster than you and he's undoubtedly cooler than you).

Nevertheless, we'll fuel Ray's thirst for all things Fast with this shot of "Schnell," Claus Ettenberger's Troy Lee-painted Fast, which we perched on the hood of the Jalop-carrying A8L in San Diego right before we took off for California Speedway in Fontucky. And apparently, our contact with the talisman paid off — we came in second behind Chuck Mallett and Danny Coyle's 900hp Corvette with Jen at the wheel.


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