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Biker Drops Double Shot Of "NOS" Into Fuel Tank, Makes Internet Laugh

Illustration for article titled Biker Drops Double Shot Of NOS Into Fuel Tank, Makes Internet Laugh

A forumite at Gixxer claims he poured two 20 oz. bottles of NOS into his motorcycle's fuel tank because it was "running like crap." There's only one "NOS" that comes in 20 oz. sizes — the energy drink. Forum troll or honest-to-goodness recollection of an epic failure? You decide.


Although we're not positive if this is a forum troll or an honest-to-goodness recollection of an epic failure, but here's the breakdown from the top. Catch the thread here. user/Rainman "sti2gsxr" started off the party by posting about some mechanical issues he's been having recently:

My bike was running like crap on my way home from work so I stopped at a gas station to get some NOS. I poured in 2 bottles and rode it home. Well I don't think it helped because it ran even worse on the way home and now it won't start. Any ideas?


Sti2gsxr proceeds to describe the two 20 oz. bottles that he poured directly into his gas tank, which is a dead on account of the popular energy drink, not the fuel additive. The thread spirals out of control after that; harnessing the power of the internet to spread his feat over the entire spectrum of car forums, drawing enthusiasts from every orifice of the digital world, including 4Chan.

Illustration for article titled Biker Drops Double Shot Of NOS Into Fuel Tank, Makes Internet Laugh

Speaking of 4Chan, one of its illustrious members decided it proper to create a comic strip in honor of this special occasion. We've included it to the left as it is nearly essential to the enjoyment of this cavalcade of hilarity.

This spectacle went as far as earning a spot in Wikipedia under the NOS entry. Oh how quickly an act can go from a huge personal failure, to forum fuel, and eventually to document historical event.


Hat tip to Shardool!

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Thread too long. Unwilling to read in entirety. Troll or not, it's a pretty simple fix if it ever happens.

Drain the tank.

Refill with new fuel, using an alcohol based "octane booster" or "fuel drier" like Heet. The alcohol will dissolve any remnants of the water based products, and allow them to be burned with no lasting effects.