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Biker Arrested After Posting His Reckless Criminal Activities On YouTube

Illustration for article titled Biker Arrested After Posting His Reckless Criminal Activities On YouTube

Last month this jabroni decided to film himself and his buddies harassing a cop as they tore up a California highway on crotch rockets. Thankfully he took an extra step of idiocy and posted the video to YouTube, which led the cops straight to the culprit.


Guruardas Singh Khalsa of Brentwood, California is now being charged with felony evasion of a police officer as the cops reckon he was the man behind the camera. They're still rounding up additional evidence and other folks on the clip.


The video has since been set to "private" so you can't watch it anymore, but basically it's helmet-cam footage from this guy riding his motorcycle like a maniac with fifty or so buddies following suit. When a cop rolls up and tries to shut down their egregiously reckless behavior, they basically intimidate him into leaving and keep doing their thing.

The video racked up almost 100,000 views here on Code 3 alone. The cops, who also have access to the internet and hate being publicly shit on, clicked through a few links he put up and wound up at the house of Khalsa, a "semi-professional stunt motorcyclist" with a healthy portfolio of incriminating action videos.

California Highway Patrol Captain Jim Libby told Mercury News: "The initial posting on the social media site helped direct the officers, and it linked to other information Mr. Khalsa had posted about himself online literally turned into an electronic jigsaw puzzle with Mr. Khalsa providing us all the pieces."


Don't be jerks on the road, people. But if you must, make sure to film it so somebody can bust your ass eventually.

Hat tip to Burt!

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Hey Andrew,

If you recall (you won't, it likely got lost in the sea of notifications you receive) - I posted a few bits of "information" which is just another word I like to use for "random guesses" when the original article came out...

... go look at his Facebook page now!