This Cop Did The Right Thing Running From A Pack Of Motorcycle Idiots

A pack of flagrantly reckless sportbikers basically intimidated this motorcycle patrolman into "not pulling them over." Can't call it justice, but I think this police officer did more for public safety by leaving the scene than he could have by sticking around.

The first and foremost charge of a peace officer has to be ensuring safety of the public. That generally means shutting down the kind of assholishness on display in this video. But when an officer is as hopelessly outnumbered and out-equipped as this highway patrolman, falling back can be better path to decreasing the odds of somebody getting killed.


Seems like this cop's presence is inspiring a lot of the highway highjinks we're seeing here, other than the celebratory wheelstand the filming rider pulls after the officer splits.

Once it became obvious that the squids had no intention of stopping, what could this cop possibly have done? Think he made the right call, or should he have started busting heads a little harder?

We don't know if the officer "came back with his friends" after the tape stops; I've got to imagine he got on the radio as soon as he saw this pack of numbskulls.

Hat tip to Carscoops! Gif by Raphael Orlove


Scotty J

Dear Squids,

Die in a fire, you miserable self-righteous pricks.


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