Big Brother Parenting: Tiwi Blackbox Monitors Speeding Youngsters

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Helicopter parents rejoice! The Tiwi Blackbox is on the scene to prevent hoonage of any sort. The Tiwi monitors the speed of the vehicle in which it is installed; if the driver exceeds a pre-set speed threshold, it will issue a verbal warning to slow down. If your little hooligan continues to exceed the speed limit, the Tiwi uses an integrated GPS along with cellular technology to notify parents — or anyone else, like your probation officer — via e-mail, calls or text messages. The Tiwi Blackbox goes for $550 and has a $35 monthly fee, plus a personal apology from the manufacturer for stealing your childhood. [Tiwi via Giz]


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Ash78, voting early and often

I'm cool with that—provided the kid knows you're watching. I think stuff like this is a nice way (similar to the idea tiered licensing) to let them test the waters for the first several months of being on their own in a car. Especially if you help to pay for and insure the car.

If the kid is 18, responsible, and paying his/her own way, then that's a different story.