Bentley's New Airline-Style Seats Will Cool You Down if You've Got a Fever

The 22-way adjustable, temperature-and-humidity-sensing chairs go by the name Airline Seat Specification — or A.S.S. for short.

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Fancy airline style seats in a wildly expensive luxury SUV
Bentley’s new Airline Seat Specification chairs know the exact temperature and humidity level of your butt.
Photo: Bentley

So this isn’t likely to blow anyone’s mind, but Bentley seats kind of rule. They’re very comfortable and typically clad in the softest (and best-smelling) leather available anywhere. However, that’s apparently not good enough for the crew in Crewe, so now there’s something smarter.

Bentley’s latest technological terror is called Airline Seat Specification (which we’re dubbing ASS for short, because Bentley either knows and is laughing with us, or should have known better), and it’s capable of some wild stuff.

The big ASS chair’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to measure your body’s temperature and humidity changes every 25 milliseconds, with an accuracy of 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit. This means, if you got a bad piece of sushi at your business lunch at Nobu, your Bentley’s seat will adapt to keep you comfortable. It goes further than that, too, because one of the seven available seat modes will attempt to help you break a fever.

Tan leather airline-style seats in the Bentayga EWB
For oligarchs only.
Photo: Bentley

Aside from these extremely refined temperature control capabilities, the big ASS chair features 22-way adjustment with an electric footrest and a Postural Adjust System that tweaks six separate pressure zones with 177 changes. This should help reduce fatigue on longer rides and prevent issues like blood clots caused by sitting for too long.


Obviously, it’s going to take some serious brain power to make all this dark seating wizardry possible. To that end, Bentley has equipped the big ASS chair with some big ASS computers, including three for the pneumatic systems and another master control for seating and wellness. This also controls the 12 individual electric motors that make all the typical adjustments happen.

The big ASS seats are available exclusively in the new Bentayga EWB SUV for the time being, and Bentley claims that 50 percent of EWB buyers are selecting these high-tech seats, which retail for $11,995. We won’t be surprised if the big ASS chairs trickle over into the Flying Spur range at some point.