Bentley's Mulsanne Convertible Is The World's Most Elegant Drop-Top

Or so says Bentley. After teasing its rich customers with a hard-topped Mulsanne offering since 2009, it's finally on its way: the Mulsanne convertible. Although still a concept, it really is a thing of beauty, with "muscular haunches," and an interior Bentley says was inspired by luxurious, high-performance power boats.


The customers who would never in their lives be able to afford a car like this have also been teased by the coupé version over the past three years, but will perhaps be more inspired by this topless iteration as it glides gracefully by through traffic's otherwise ugly, messy snarl in places like Los Angeles and Dubai.

Bentley's Chairman and Chief Executive, Wolfgang Dürheimer, said that Bentley is especially interested in increasing the brand's clout in "new and emerging markets." Apparently the massive dream cruisers will be cutting through the chaff in places like Mumbai and Shenzhen as well.

But in China, there's a good chance that Muslannes will be haunch-to-haunch with $60,000, Toyota-powered knock-offs.


Photo credit: Bentley

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