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If you're on the market for a fake Lamborghini, look no further than China. An enterprising company there is selling a Toyota-powered Murcielago lookalike for about $66,000, a mere fraction of what China's super wealthy normally pay for Lambos.


It goes from 0-100 kph in about nine seconds and tops out at about 200 kph, but from several meters away it looks pretty good. Step a little closer and the discriminating Lambo ogler might notice that a few things are amiss. Like a spoiler, for instance.

But if you're worried about detection, some of those little details can be taken care of for extra cost. Buy Lamborghini wheels for $7,800. Get a Lamborghini key for $1,400. Ditch the stock Toyota 2.2 liter 3S engine for something with more grunt; say, a V6 or V8 (Can you imagine seeing/hearing a Lamborghini-looking car emitting an American small block burble?).


It's not clear which car the company used to make the replica, but there are people who seem to have a good head for these things in China. Hell, they're cheaper, and how many people are really going to know the difference? This Chinese copy will likely have a market in the land of the dragon, where a base Gallardo can cost more than $500,000 and an Aventador goes for almost a million.

From a country whose engineers have mimicked everything from rifles to fighter jets, we're anxious to see what the next knockoff will be. More Rolls Royce limousines? A new Eiffel Tower, perhaps? (Hat tip to Baber K. Khan!)

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