A man driving around with a pet bear in his Lamborghini shut down traffic on an LA street yesterday because he was driving around with a bear, a real bear, in his Lamborghini.

I stress again: Bear. Lamborghini. Bear in Lamborghini. Realness of bear. Bear-present-ness of Lamborghini. Lambearghini.


Reddit user everlonghesaid posted the above picture on r/WTF (see the full thread right here) about the commotion in Huntington Beach with this very matter-of-fact headline.

There was a guy blocking the street outside of my work in a Lamborghini with a fucking bear. A FUCKING BEAR NO JOKE.

You can see another picture of the bear in the car right here.

Surprisingly, a man claiming to be the owner of both the Lambo and the pet bear showed up in the comments. User RandysWay left this comment.

Yep, that's my car and my pet bear, Yogi! ;) Keep an eye out for a video hitting the web shortly!


RandysWay appears indeed to be linked to Up & Beyond Aerial Video and Photography, so an upcoming video is indeed believable.


Until then, please enjoy this small bit of absurdity.

(Hat tip to F40LM!)

Photo Credit: everlonghesaid

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