Automotive Hero Modifies His Family Toyota Camry

One extremely proud automotive enthusiast was not about to let the fierce grip of crushing normality destroy him — he might have been saddled with a four cylinder Toyota midsizer, but that doesn't mean he had to stop living. Nah, this dude modified his Camry.


This guy realized that some of the components on his Camry were shared with the Scion tC (such as the engine), which has a somewhat healthy tuner culture. That gave him the starting point to go with coilovers, an exhaust/headers/intake, and other adjustments fit for the flat bill crowd's coupe of choice.

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire and /DRIVE drove the car and found that, well, it might not be any more capable on a twisty backroad than a stock Camry.

But dammit, the guy tried.

May we all be so bold.


Cut springs. That's a good idea.

How does someone get 'stuck' with a Camry, when we're constantly reading about how we can have a used BMW 5-series for the price of a cup of coffee?