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Perhaps part of it is because we (well, just me, nowadays) don’t write about their dumbest tests. Read more

In hindsight, we should have looked into this further because you’re right. I apologize for that vital missing context and will issue an update.

Wait a second, the Russian dude is saying that your oil pressure drops when the filter media gets full? What kind of cut-rate crap is he using that doesn’t have a bypass valve?
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The Maine BMV clarified that while these vehicles are old enough to be classified as an antique in the state, they were still built for the safety and emissions regulations of another country and thus, the statute still applies. Read more

Depends! I only want my head to explode at how silly kei cars are, not at government red tape.

Registration and insurance were actually really easy for me. It’s about as simple as turning over the importation documents and getting a title in the mail. In my case, the title has 10 characters. Read more

On second look I think you’re onto something about that paintwork. Read more

The Beat could have been shipped to Baltimore as well. I picked it up in Washington because I wanted to meet the guy that helped make my dream come true. Plus, I love a good excuse to drive across the country.

You can! Baltimore was my closest shot for the van. You can also hire a company to pick up the car and bring it to your door for a full hands-off experience. 

Looks like the original uploader didn’t upload the actual camera footage but recorded the recording of said footage in a busy area. lol

The intake of the Smart Fortwo takes an even worse path. The air goes through an airbox, a hose, then a massive chamber with all sorts of compartments before finally reaching the engine. All that chamber really does is hush out intake noise.

Good point! The seller calls it a “standard full-size” bed, but perhaps they’re fudging the numbers a little since the van is narrower than a true full-size bed is long.

The engines in these are direct-drive, so the prop isn’t able to spin without also spinning over the engine. Read more

I wouldn’t spend that kind of money, either, which is why I’d rather make my own bus. Read more

The content updates aren’t really much of a problem, but the game’s economy requires you to grind to an unbelievable extent to have any real properties/cars etc. Read more

My local and initial Kinja drafts have 315, so I have no idea what happened there. Of all the things to get a typo. lol Read more

BTW Also disabled in kinja is when you get a notification it doesn’t directly go to the comment. Instead we have to search for it manually.
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